AU - aurum - gold ;  for aeons the epitome of wealth, power, stability and accretion. 
For the incas gold was "tears of the sun" and many peoples worshipped it as a gift of the gods...

gold coins

Over the millennia gold has proven itself; as a method of payment, as the backbone of currency, as a symbol of wealth, as the paragon of beauty and appreciation...


We are grateful to continue the old tradition of the gold trade, since for us working with the material and everything around it is pure passion. A passion our family business has been sharing with its customers for over 35 years.

Good to know

How does gold come into existence?

Gold is born... a Supernova or when two neutron stars collide. Our earthly gold emerged when an earlier Sun´s core collapsed under immense forces. During that rare occurance matter was hurled into space, which in part became our planet Earth. The main portion of our gold is located close to the Earth´s core due to its mass.

How does gold get to the surface?

Gold is...

...a precious heavy metal which mainly surfaces when vulcanoes erupt and spread gold bearing magma. 
Magma can also deposit gold in the Earth´s crust. Over time water can push gold and other minerals closer to the surface hydraulically, where it collects in different soils and stones, e.g. ironstone (Laterite), quartz or greenstone (Nephrite).

Where do goldnuggets come from?

Gold can be deposited in large quantities in e.g. quartz. In Australia these quartzveins where located inside large mountains; the gold leached into it and adheared to the quartz. Over a very long period of time erosion carried away the lighter materials of the mountains and left the heavier materials laying on the ground. It is possible even today to see how far a goldnugget wandered from its original origin.

And how?

The form and texture of a goldnugget tells a grand story. If a nugget is well rounded, it wandered a few kilometers or maybe even further, if it was transported by an old, no longer existing riversystem. 
If a goldnugget is close or directly from the source, it is sharpely edged.

How can I find my own goldnuggets?

The easiest way to find your own goldnuggets is buying a good metal detector. And a good portion of luck is the prospectors best friend. Follow us on Instagram, we are prospecting in Australia regularly and share our experience.

Where can I find gold?

Gold is everywhere. Even the ocean water contains particles of gold. The question always is: how feasible is the extraction? 
Australia is a very good place to be to find goldnuggets, but there is gold in Sweden, Alaska, Canada, California etc...

I want to find my own gold!

Very good! Simply contact us, we have been all over the world in the pursuit of the precious metal and have been reasonably successful. We have contacts in the industry all over the globe, from prospector to mining operative. 
We even recently acquired three goldleases in the goldfields of Western Australia, which have proven resources that will be mined in the future.

Only around 3% of the goldnuggets found worldwide stay in their natural form, the rest is melted down to be processed into jewelry. Particularly beautiful and unique pieces (to be found in our shop) are priced approximately 2,5-3 times of the goldprice since they are extremely rare. Our goldnuggets are 100% real and are sourced globally from known prospectors.

When buying precious metals trust is a requirement, although there are a few hints to keep in mind. 
For the most part these are the main quality criteria for goldnuggets:

  • colour
  • form
  • weight
  • brightness
  • origin
  • purity

These indices are a good way to put a price on otherwise unique and priceless pieces. We sell our goldnuggets including a certificate of authenticity and origin, as well as the results of the XRF-analysis. This way you are always on the safe site.

The XRF-analysis is a good and reliable method to determine the purity of a goldnugget. During the analysis 21 elements are measured without doing any damage to the nugget. The result is very accurate and even gives an idea which region a certain goldnugget is from.
Should you have further questions feel free to contact us.